The centre is open. Please ensure you follow the Covid guidelines when coming to pray.
شَوّال 26 1443

Firth Park Cultural Centre (FPCC)
Sheffield, UK

Welcome to FPCC

The purpose of our charity is to :

Spread the peaceful message of Islam

To relieve poverty, in particular and not exclusively by the provisions of a food bank.

To provide and assist in the provision of facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation or other leisure time occupation of individuals who need such as facilities  by reason of their youth, age infirmity or disability, financial hardship or social circumstances with the objective of improving their conditions of life

Salah Timings

  • Fajr
    Entry Time:2:45 am Iqamah Time:3:45 am
  • Dhuhur
    Entry Time:1:04 pm Iqamah Time:13:30 pm
  • Asr
    Entry Time:5:27 pm Iqamah Time:8:00 pm
  • Magrib
    Entry Time:9:18 pm Iqamah Time:9:18 pm
  • Isha
    Entry Time:10:50 pm Iqamah Time:10:50 pm
  • Jum'ah (Friday Prayer)
    Salah Time: 12:15 PM


Start: 13:15 PM

Please arrive early as spaces are limited. Bring with you your Prayer mat, Mask and Bag for your shoes. Ensure you follow social distancing and adhere to government guidelines for places of worship.

The Centre is Open to all members of the Firth Park community and beyond,



About us

In 2016, residents of Firth Park established a voluntary and charitable organisation called Firth Park Cultural Centre (FPCC). The primary short term aim of the centre was to establish a youth club so that children, from the age of 5 to  11 years, can learn the Holy Quran and, basics of Islam and to engage in arts and crafts. The Youth club is run by volunteers and takes place every Sunday between 2 pm and 5 pm. The current venue is the Brushes Centre. Over 50 children are registered, with many more on a waiting list. All volunteers are CRB checked enhanced security before starting work at the club.

Qur'an with Tajweed
Youth, Elderly, women clubs
Homework clubs
Islamic Beliefs
Food Bank
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Please help us keep the Centre active by donating what you can.  Your donations will help pay for the running of the Centre and will allow us to improve the facility.

Jaza’kum Allah khairan


Give your child the advantage. Give them an introductory exposure to core Islamic disciplines in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah and the understanding of the Sahabah . Classes will be taught by experienced teachers.

CLASS TIMINGS: The Youth club is run by volunteers and takes place every Sunday  between  2 pm and 5 pm

***Youth Club is currently closed due to COVID 19 until further notice***


We are proud to announce that we are members of the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN)

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